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Gersthofen lies in the heart of Europe. People from countries all over the world come to Bavaria and to Gersthofen. Many of them visit our town and its attractions. Some of them find Gersthofen so attractive that they have decided to choose it as the centre of their lives.
What is so special about Gersthofen?  Whether you are a visitor or a new resident, you are always welcome. Everybody is invited to find his fortune here.

Attractive town in the heart of Europe

During the last years we succeeded in making Gersthofen even more attractive. We offer lots of opportunities on the cultural, leisure and sports level for people of all ages. And we have strengthened the social structures of Gersthofen. Its residents live happily and contentedly in the town itself as well as in its four incorporated parts Batzenhofen, Edenbergen, Hirblingen and Rettenbergen.

Strong economy = wealthy town

The economy of our town is characterized by a lot of important companies as well as by small firms. 12,000 people have found a job in Gersthofen, with a population of 21,000. This fact has led to a remarkable prosperity of the community. We all appreciate this and handle our prosperity and in a careful and responsible way.
I may welcome you In the name of Gersthofen.

Michael Wörle
Mayor of Gersthofen

  • Michael Wörle