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Town twinning

To these days France and Germany form an important political and cultural axis in Europe.

Gersthofen is twinned to Nogent-sur-Oise. The French town lies in the Département Oise approximately 50 km north-east of Paris. Close relations were already established in 1969. In 1978, the "Nogent-Gersthofen association" was created. Mutual visits and joint events have laid the foundations for a lively friendship between the two towns. A park in the middle of Gersthofen has been dedicated to the French twin-town Nogent.

Every year girls and boys from Gersthofen travel to Nogent-sur-Oise or they welcome their French partners of the same age group at home for one week. Young people can take part in this exchange program, starting from the age of 13. An interesting programme organized by the responsible "Nogent-Gersthofen association" helps the participants explain the host country, the language and culture.
Every second year, also adults from Nogent come to Gersthofen for four days and vice versa.

Click the site "Verein Nogent-Gersthofen e.V."